Natural Antibacterial – Antiviral Soap (For Coronavirus)

Natural Antibacterial – Antiviral Soap (For Coronavirus)

Natural Antibacterial – Antiviral Soap (For Coronavirus)
Undoubtedly, the most important rule of our personal hygiene, which has become much more important as a result of the Coronavirus (covid-19), a pandemic that has taken over our world recently, is to wash our hands and face with soap and water. Washing our hands, arms up to the elbows, and face with soap and water for 30 seconds is of the highest importance in the warnings made by the World Health Organization (WHO) to protect ourselves from the coronavirus and other epidemic diseases.

However, frequent use of soap can take the beneficial oil sebum from our skin and cause our skin to dry out and become damaged. In this case, the best precaution we can take is to wash our skin with natural soaps. Because the use of a quality natural soap, while nourishing your skin thanks to the beneficial oils in it, does not dry your skin or bleed like ready-made soaps in a separate order.

In addition to the use of high quality natural soap, of course, the use of antiviral and antibacterial natural soap also has an important place. Antibacterial liquid soaps are very popular in the market. Although these liquid soaps do not pose a problem in terms of toxicity thanks to unnatural antibacterial substances, they also reduce the moisture of the skin in a short time as a result of use, that is, they dry your skin and make it worse. Dry skin, on the other hand, cracks and bleeds after a while and an undesirable situation occurs.

We have developed a product to provide a solution to this situation.

In these days when hygiene is very important, it is inevitable that the use of alcohol disinfectant will damage the skin! The use of natural soap is important for the protection, nourishment and hygiene of your skin. Natura Natural Soap products do not damage your skin and provide high hygiene.

Our Natural Antibacterial & Antiviral soap owes this feature to the combination of pure tea tree oil and rosemary oil. According to various studies, it is stated that tea tree oil and rosemary oil are the best antibacterial & antiviral oils that can be used naturally. It has also been proven by clinical studies that it is effective against the herpex simplex virus, another virus that causes acne and herpes on the skin. Source: Oxford Academic – Journal Of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

It also provides effective protection against the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus. (Increased antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness thanks to the antibacterial & antiviral effective oils it contains)
Effectively removes all kinds of dirt, provides deep cleaning
Even with frequent use, it does not dry and harm your skin. It nourishes the skin.
Thanks to its high foaming and washing performance, it restores the natural barrier of your skin.
It helps balance the sebum level in the skin and cleans the dead cells.
It is suitable for sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic.
It does not contain any chemicals, antibacterial chemicals, synthetic colorants and synthetic dyes, SLS and petroleum-derived carcinogenic chemicals!

Tea Tree Oil – Nature's Powerful Antiseptic
terpinen-4-olMelaleuca alternifolia, aka tea tree oil, is the oil obtained from the plant you see in the picture, whose origin is in Australia. It owes its pungent smell to the fragrant terpenes in it. Tea tree oil, which has a very important place in alternative medicine, has been used as an antibacterial and antiseptic for a long time.

Terpinen-4-ol (a terpene) in tea tree oil makes up about 15 percent of tea tree oil. This natural substance is the substance to which tea tree oil owes its antimicrobial effect. It is effective against various viruses as it disrupts the oily cell membrane of various viruses and bacteria. It is thought to be an effective antimicrobial agent against coronavirus as well.

How Soap Kills Coronavirus?
As everyone knows, the importance of water and soap is very high in recent days. In this section, we will tell you the mechanism of how soap neutralizes these bacteria and viruses.

The disease called coronavirus is actually the disease that the virus called 2019-nCoV causes in our body. Viruses and bacteria, which are unicellular structures, have a cell membrane. This cell membrane is made up of lipids, that is, the fats we know. It holds the cell as a whole. Soap disperses this cell membrane with its oil-dissolving structure, and the cell becomes ineffective by dispersing.