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Natural Aloevera - Green Peppermint Oil Soap

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Our 100% Natural skin care soap made with aloe vera gel and distilled peppermint oil. It cleans the skin, refreshes it, throws away toxic substances, prevents the formation of acne, helps to disappear the blemishes in the previously formed acne.
This product contains natural green peppermint oil and sheabutter. 100% natural green mint oil is used in this soap, which will please you very much thanks to its pleasant and refreshing scent. Thanks to its dual-tone image, we offer a visually satisfying product. If you wish, you can take advantage of its pleasant smell by placing it on your table in your bathroom, or by using it if you wish, from its natural refreshing and cleansing effect.
Natura Natural Soaps are soaps that have not been produced with professional techniques for 26 years, "as required by the discipline of being a Chemical Engineer".