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Natural Bıttım Soap

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What are the Benefits of Our Natural Bıttım Soap for Skin and Hair?
Bıttım is a fruit grown in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. Bıttım soap is obtained from wild pistachio (bıttım), known as menengiç oil. Natural oil soap, obtained by using 100% pure oil, is used against dandruff and hair loss. Bittım oil in its content also helps to remove the wounds on the skin in psoriasis and to reduce the itching caused by psoriasis.
Bittim oil nourishes the skin and creates a soft texture, thanks to the intense vitamin E it contains.
The main ingredient of this soap is spring water, sodium hydroxide and finished oil, it does not contain any artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances, preservatives or other chemical additives, it is a 100% natural soap.