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Natural Ozonated Olive Oil Soap

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✅ For centuries, natural olive oil soap has been the most used soap due to its moisturizing and cleaning properties. Its antioxidant properties nourish the skin and its fight against signs of aging has become legendary.
✅ Olive oil soap contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta carotene, which are also healthy for the skin, these substances stimulate the formation of new cells, slow down the progression of wrinkles, and make the skin look younger.
✅ This soap has also been developed with shea butter and has a wonderful smell.
This fragrant olive oil soap, with a beautiful creamy foam, provides a wonderful cleaning and purification in the shower or tub, creating a soft cottony skin.
✅ The main ingredient of this soap is spring water, sodium hydroxide and extra virgin olive oil, it does not contain any artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances, preservatives or other chemical additives, it is a 100% natural soap.
⚠️ Our products do not contain harmful substances found in some personal care products. These items are respectively; Sodium Lauryl/laurethsulfate (SLS), petroleum products, E.D.T.A, parabens, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances, palm oil, and some chemical preservatives.