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Product Product Jojoba - Honey - Cinnamon Soap

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Cinnamon oil, which removes excess sebum and dries out the problem skin, has made a good combination with the skin softening effect of Jojoba oil and honey in this excellent new product.
It is a soap you recommend for all problematic skin. Recommended for daily use.
Our natural soap containing jojoba oil helps to delay aging or to eliminate fine lines and skin wrinkles caused by external factors.
While repairing the cracks in the skin thanks to the intense vitamin E it contains, it also helps to reduce the symptoms of cellulite with regular use.

This natural soap, which is offered as the improved top version of natural jojoba soap, only nourishes your skin and prevents lines and cracks thanks to its rich formula. It is not only good, but also fortified with natural honey and cinnamon oil for skin damage such as acne and wounds.