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Natural Strawberry - Jojoba Soap

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It can be used easily for Skin & Face & Hair. (100gr)
Our Strawberry and Jojoba natural soap, which is specially produced with the perfect strawberry scent developed with natural vanilla in the bottom note, will make you happy with its magnificent scent and what you experience while using it!
Thanks to its formula fortified with jojoba oil, it is suitable for all skin types. With regular use, it has a nourishing & moisturizing and restorative effect for the face and skin.
Thanks to the intense vitamin E from jojoba oil, it repairs the cracks in your skin and increases its elasticity.
All of our productions are handmade and hand cut. Thanks to the special techniques we use and our experience, we can produce all our products with high capacity.
Surprise your loved ones or pamper yourself with its special appearance and pleasant smell.